Keep Smiling & Jog On

I had a nice weekend, it was Mother’s Day over here in Ireland and usually I go out to dinner for it but with all the restaurants and bars closed and since we had a nice bit of sun out recently My son spoiled me and cooked dinner for us which we had out back. It was lovely 🙂 I am very grateful that I have Second Life. Since I can not just do what I adore doing work wise but also the endless possibilities that allows us all who love to be creative with photography/blogging to have fun with … Continue reading Keep Smiling & Jog On

All Of A Sudden It Was Spring & Out Came All The Pretty Butterflies To Play

Hi lovelies and happy Friday! I initially had another pic for this post which I took the other day, it was nice but I kept looking at it and thought it was lacking character and just the way things are now I wanted to do a happier, feel good shot so this was the result. I hope I can make at least one person smile by looking at it 🙂 Have A wonderful weekend & be safe ❤ Today I'm blogging this super gorgeous Tanya Dress from Dead Dollz! I love the beautiful lace detail in it, and of course … Continue reading All Of A Sudden It Was Spring & Out Came All The Pretty Butterflies To Play

Irish And Proud

I’ve just been out with my dog to let her go to the little doggy ladies room 🙂   I have to carry her everywhere since she hurt her hind leg and is limping. She’s 13 now so not a young dog anymore, but she still has those puppy tendencies, you throw a ball for her and she’s running and jumping like she’s still a limber 2 year old lol hence the reason for her hurting her leg….but she’s being well looked after! While I was out with her I noticed how quiet it is here today, I mean usually this … Continue reading Irish And Proud

Have You Met Lake?

If you’re like me and adore Lelutka then keep reading. The annual Skin Fair starts today and Lelutka have released their 3rd & newest addition to the Evolution Series of heads called Lake. Isn’t she beautiful?! She really doesn’t disappoint! I played around with my shape for quite awhile yesterday and still will tweak it over the coming week but that’s the beauty and fun of a gorgeous new head too, is that you can make her to suit your own unique, personal style. This is Version 1.1 and I’ve included the up-dates below. She is well worth stopping by … Continue reading Have You Met Lake?

The Women Who Win The Hearts Of All

“The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.” I’m a strong woman because I was raised by one, by my hero, my Mother and today I want to say to all of you wonderful, inspiring, intelligent, creative, hard working, dreamers, achievers, strong, caring, kind, emphatic, incredible and genuinely lovely big hearted women out there, Happy International Women’s Day. Let’s keep building each other up, lets keep going after and keep working hard to achieve our goals and dreams but to do so with dignity, respect and kindness towards others. … Continue reading The Women Who Win The Hearts Of All

Serenity By The Sea

I mentioned in my last post that my house is quite chaotic at the moment because I’m getting my bathroom completely renovated so it looks like a building site. This week has just been so stressful. So I’m a tad behind with posting. Luckily though the guy said he should be finished by tomorrow evening so I’m hoping to have a bit more of a peaceful weekend 🙂 When I put on anything to blog I always take a really good look and get a concept for the picture I’d like to take and when I put on these clothes … Continue reading Serenity By The Sea

Winds Of Change

I took this shot over the weekend and had every intention of getting it posted before today but my shower decided to pack in while I was in it the other evening,  so I was left standing in it with a head full of shampoo in my hair and suds in my eyes! People are always saying “The Luck Of The Irish” Yeah that’s cods wallop, if I didn’t have bad luck I’d have no luck at all lol Anyway I made some calls and I’m getting my whole bathroom re-done so this week is going to be crazy in … Continue reading Winds Of Change