On Cloud Nine

I had initially planned on getting this post done much earlier but my poor baby, my little dog Daisy got sick. Sick enough to warrant a trip to the vet hospital where they’re keeping her in overnight. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I’m upset, worried and won’t know more until I get a phone call, so I’m guessing this will be a sleepless night for me. I wish I was on cloud 9 now! * Update,  This morning after 13 wonderful years, I lost my beautiful Daisy, my little ball of furry unconditional love. I’m … Continue reading On Cloud Nine

My Heart Smiles

My weekend started off good enough. The weather has been beautiful here in Ireland. Not that I was out much in it but it was lovely just going shopping and walking my dog in the sunshine. I also got a beautiful video message sent to me from one of the nurses who is looking after my Mother. She’s been in hospital for the past 6 weeks or so with a broken hip and none of us have been allowed to see her because of the corona virus. So when I seen the video of her, she was saying hello to … Continue reading My Heart Smiles

Keep Smiling & Jog On

I had a nice weekend, it was Mother’s Day over here in Ireland and usually I go out to dinner for it but with all the restaurants and bars closed and since we had a nice bit of sun out recently My son spoiled me and cooked dinner for us which we had out back. It was lovely 🙂 I am very grateful that I have Second Life. Since I can not just do what I adore doing work wise but also the endless possibilities that allows us all who love to be creative with photography/blogging to have fun with … Continue reading Keep Smiling & Jog On

Serenity By The Sea

I mentioned in my last post that my house is quite chaotic at the moment because I’m getting my bathroom completely renovated so it looks like a building site. This week has just been so stressful. So I’m a tad behind with posting. Luckily though the guy said he should be finished by tomorrow evening so I’m hoping to have a bit more of a peaceful weekend 🙂 When I put on anything to blog I always take a really good look and get a concept for the picture I’d like to take and when I put on these clothes … Continue reading Serenity By The Sea

A Little Jazz & All That Class

  “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it” Now, I’ve never claimed to be a fashion expert but I do know what looks good for my own taste & when I first laid eyes on this Amelia gown from Just Because it was love at first sight. Annie described it as “Going into 2020 with a modern interpretation of the 1920’s with the Amelia Gown!” and she was right. I’ve always admired vintage style’s in both RL and SL and this gown doesn’t disappoint. It’s old style class personified. When I put it on me … Continue reading A Little Jazz & All That Class

Time For Some R&R

I’ve had a pretty lousy week. I’m a tad behind on blogging but only because of my Mother being sick in RL so I really wasn’t in the right mind frame to even think up anything blog wise all week from worrying about her but thankfully she’s on the mend so I can hopefully relax a bit more over the weekend and catch up on some much needed R&R which blogging in SL does for me too 🙂 Just after typing this my neighbours decided upon drilling and hammering, time to put on some headphones and listen to some good … Continue reading Time For Some R&R