About Kelly

Hi there lovely one and thank you so much for stopping by to take a look at my blog ❤  When I started my blog it was because I work for a brand and I figured that it just made sense to start blogging the brand’s new releases etc.. I still do it because I adore the designer and her brand, however this blog has become so much more to me now,  I’ve always LOVED shopping so I figured that since my inventory is full of so many beautiful creations from so many AMAZING designers that I wanted to share with others what I find beautiful. When I started at first my photography skills were not good, but I’m having so much fun learning more and more each day. If you look through my streamBeauty Rose_004.jpg high resolution you see I have very eclectic taste and none of my photo’s are the same, this is because I find so much beauty in so many different styles.  I believe that I’m getting so much better but I know there’s always room for improvement.  I will give credit to every single thing I feature in my blog because I respect and admire designers for putting in so much hard work to make not just me but thousands of other women in SL look and feel great.. But having said that any designer who I blog for officially will always take pride of place ❤

Thank you so much for taking the time to have a little read, My goal is that I hope to help people to find the pretties that I already have and new stuff to come and I so very much appreciate any designer who puts some faith in me and allows me to blog their incredible creations ❤