A Day For Green

A Day For Green

I’m sure most of you know that I’m from Ireland. Not living in another country and have Irish Ancestors but born and raised here In the south of Ireland. So as it’s our Nations St. Patrick’s Day I went to see the huge parade through the street’s of Dublin. It was cold, wet and windy but not as bad as some years when I’ve been at it but after awhile you kind of forget about the cold because the festivities are just so great and the atmosphere is always amazing. Thousands at it and so many more thousands from overseas here as well. A sea of green everywhere. After the parade most people head to the pubs around town and they’re always jam packed, but it’s well worth it because as we say “The Craic Is Mighty” Try saying that to a police officer abroad and you’d probably be arrested *Laughs* but over here we say it all the time, it’s like when you meet a friend “What’s the craic?” Or when someone asks how something you did or went to was “It was great craic” So yeah lots of craic here today and I’m proud to be Irish not just today but everyday 🙂 I could sit here and write so much about Ireland and our way of life and how I was brought up, the music, the real Irish Ballads not the fee diddley dee songs lol 😛 I adore this little country of mine ❤ So today (well evening now) I wanted to share with you a couple of pretties from different events. First is the beautiful New skin I'm wearing from Glam Affair called Diana. It’s a beautiful applier for the Genus heads and looks so pretty on. It comes with a shape as well in the pack and has little freckles when you look closely, also if you feel like different eyebrows this skin has kind of bushy eyebrows which I love. If you’re looking for a new skin for your genus head then stop by Access and try a demo ❤ This beautiful dress I'm wearing is also new from Decoy, It’s called Maliah and is available at the current round of Collabor88. Fitted for Maitreya Lara it’s such a pretty Spring Dress and the colours are all on point for your Spring Wardrobe. Of course I chose the Green because of the day that’s in it but it looks great in all the available colours, so why not stop on by Collabor88 today and check it out ❤  I hope wherever you are in the world that you too have a great day 😀

What I Am Wearing 

Hair ~ Stealthic ~ Intrepid ~ New @ Collabor88

Head ~ Genus Project ~ Baby Face 

Skin ~ Glam Affair – Diana ~ NEW @ ACCESS

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh 

Dress ~ Decoy ~ Maliah Dress ~ NEW @ Collabor88

Pose ~ {Imeka} Girl ~ Lookbook 2 

Location ~ The Beautiful Candlewood 


One Of Many Of My Favourite Songs & The Banjo In This Is Just Beautiful




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