Puppy Love

Puppy Love

I love animals but there’s a special place in my heart for dogs. My own dog is with us 12 years now so she’s not that young anymore. I dread to even think of my life without her in it because she adds so much to it. She’s definitely a fighter and strong dog, because she’s been through some tough times in the past with health problems and has had operations for different health problems but with a lot of TLC and really looking after her well thankfully she’s fine now, just showing signs of old age here and there. She is loved by so many and everyone knows her in my neck of the woods because I always have her with me. She’s my little Daisy and I adore her šŸ™‚ So no surprise that when I saw this New Top from *Just Because* I was immediately drawn to the one in the Print Pack that says “I Luv Dogs” There’s a lot of other beautiful single colours and other cute prints in the print pack as well with different writing on it and it’s such a super cute and sexy top, it show’s a bit of under boob which I think gives it that sexy look. It checks all the boxes. Now, what are you waiting for?!Ā  Head on by The Access Event and grab this gorgeous Daphne Top from *Just Because* Why? Well, Just Because You Can ā¤

Here’s A Full Run Down Of All You See In My Photo

Hair ~ Lamb ~ Mirror KissesĀ 

Head ~ Lelutka ~ SimoneĀ 

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Enea

Body ~ Maitreya Mesh

Top ~ *Just Because* ~ Daphne ~ NEW @ Access

Jeans ~ *Just Because* ~ Stacey JeansĀ 

Pose ~ Luane’s World Bento Poses ~ Growing Wild

Rings ~ Earthstones ~ All My Love (Bridal)

Grass ~ HPMD ~ Garden Grass 008 ~ Greens

Dogs ā¤

JIAN ~ Silly Shibes ~ Companion Pup (Sesame)

JIAN ~ Countryside Collies ~ Companion Pup Bi

JIANĀ  ~ PeeWee Puffs ~ Companion Sable

JIAN ~ Posh Pups ~ Black & WhiteĀ 

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