“Until you can find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else” Credits Hair – Lamb – Sunshine – NEW @ Summerfest 20 Head – Lelutka Evolution – Nova 1.2 Skin & Enhancements – Glam Affair – Thora Body – Maitreya Mesh Top – Decoy – Raquel Open Top – NEW @ Collabor88 Shorts – Decoy – Kae High Rise Shorts @ Mainstore Shoes –=Zenith= – Platform Summer Sandals @ Kustom9 Pose – Diversion – Sunshower – NEW @ Belle Accessories Bag – =Zenith= – Summer Rattan Lace Bag @ Kustom9 Earrings – MG – Mika Feather & … Continue reading Serenity

Broken Crayons Still Color

Since March I’ve been really struggling with blogging. Even with the outbreak of the Corona Virus I was still able to log on to SL and take joy in escaping all of the craziness by exploring SL and taking time to enjoy taking pics and blogging. Then my Mother fell and broke her hip, she was taken into hospital towards the end of March, she’s still in the hospital and it’s over mid way through June, this is due to her age, that she fell twice before and broke her other hip and fractured her leg, plus she has heart … Continue reading Broken Crayons Still Color

On Cloud Nine

I had initially planned on getting this post done much earlier but my poor baby, my little dog Daisy got sick. Sick enough to warrant a trip to the vet hospital where they’re keeping her in overnight. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I’m upset, worried and won’t know more until I get a phone call, so I’m guessing this will be a sleepless night for me. I wish I was on cloud 9 now! * Update,  This morning after 13 wonderful years, I lost my beautiful Daisy, my little ball of furry unconditional love. I’m … Continue reading On Cloud Nine

Feed My Cravings

Both were in love, TRUE Love, She was lying across the bed waiting for him to capture her soul, Her attention drew him closer, They were on fire without sparks, Cravings were being fed, Love was multifold, Time had frozen, Day or night didn’t matter, Moments like these are Love. Credits Hair – Lamb – Glam Head – Lelutka Evolution – Nova Skin – Glam Affair – Aura Body – Maitreya Tetra – Luna Lace Bralette – NEW @ Collabor88 Tetra – Luna Lace Panties – NEW @ Collabor88 Continue reading Feed My Cravings

My Heart Smiles

My weekend started off good enough. The weather has been beautiful here in Ireland. Not that I was out much in it but it was lovely just going shopping and walking my dog in the sunshine. I also got a beautiful video message sent to me from one of the nurses who is looking after my Mother. She’s been in hospital for the past 6 weeks or so with a broken hip and none of us have been allowed to see her because of the corona virus. So when I seen the video of her, she was saying hello to … Continue reading My Heart Smiles

Here Comes The Sun

I wanted to showcase these beautiful new releases from Dead Dollz that are at the current round of Anthem. It’s Anthem’s 1 year anniversary so there’s lots of gifts set out at the landing point that you can buy for 50LS or less. This includes a lovely coffee to go gift from Dead Dollz with an attachable cup of coffee, a coffee holder and a HUD to change the textures, so if you’re stopping by be sure to check out these beautiful new releases I’m wearing, the bonnie swimsuit and wedges (which both come in Maitreya & Legacy sizes, plus … Continue reading Here Comes The Sun

You’d Come Over Right?

For the past month I just really haven’t felt like taking pics/blogging, honestly with all that’s going on in RL & especially as well that my Mother is in hospital and I can’t go to see her, has had my mind in worry mode. So that’s why there’s been a lack of posts in April for me. I’m struggling right now, but I am trying and that’s all I can do. I really hope and pray that I snap out of this funk I’m in because blogging for me is so much fun and something I consider a big part … Continue reading You’d Come Over Right?

I’ll Hold Your Hand

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for awhile due to family members of mine being sick in RL, namely my Mother and it led to me not being able to concentrate on much because my mind was in worry overload state, but thankfully things are looking up a bit and I can relax somewhat now and get back to doing what I love in SL! I hope everyone is safe and well ❤ Today I'm blogging the Mira Outfit from Dead Dollz. It’s available at the current round of Uber. The … Continue reading I’ll Hold Your Hand

Keep Smiling & Jog On

I had a nice weekend, it was Mother’s Day over here in Ireland and usually I go out to dinner for it but with all the restaurants and bars closed and since we had a nice bit of sun out recently My son spoiled me and cooked dinner for us which we had out back. It was lovely 🙂 I am very grateful that I have Second Life. Since I can not just do what I adore doing work wise but also the endless possibilities that allows us all who love to be creative with photography/blogging to have fun with … Continue reading Keep Smiling & Jog On

All Of A Sudden It Was Spring & Out Came All The Pretty Butterflies To Play

Hi lovelies and happy Friday! I initially had another pic for this post which I took the other day, it was nice but I kept looking at it and thought it was lacking character and just the way things are now I wanted to do a happier, feel good shot so this was the result. I hope I can make at least one person smile by looking at it 🙂 Have A wonderful weekend & be safe ❤ Today I'm blogging this super gorgeous Tanya Dress from Dead Dollz! I love the beautiful lace detail in it, and of course … Continue reading All Of A Sudden It Was Spring & Out Came All The Pretty Butterflies To Play

Irish And Proud

I’ve just been out with my dog to let her go to the little doggy ladies room 🙂   I have to carry her everywhere since she hurt her hind leg and is limping. She’s 13 now so not a young dog anymore, but she still has those puppy tendencies, you throw a ball for her and she’s running and jumping like she’s still a limber 2 year old lol hence the reason for her hurting her leg….but she’s being well looked after! While I was out with her I noticed how quiet it is here today, I mean usually this … Continue reading Irish And Proud